Sunday, February 10, 2008

A letter to Ginny Weasley...

Dear Ginny,

How are you? I heard from Luna that you're miserable. It's been a while since I last wrote to you. I remember the last time I saw you, was when you were preparing for your marriage with that 'dweeb' Harry. It broke my heart seeing that fucker holding your hand. I'm sure you're still with that loser because of you're kids. I don't understand what do people see in that idiot. He's a rebel, a total coward, a troublemaker, he thinks he needs to do everything himself and I don't think he's that smart either. Okay fine, he's a pretty boy... But i'm prettier than him! :)

Ginny, I still love you with all my heart and I know you love me too. I didn't mean to miss the final battle at Hogwarts when you fought alongside everyone against Voldermolt and the Death Eaters. I was offshore in Balikpapan at that time, I can't just simply leave my work. You need to understand, Ginny. And I can assure you I would've kicked Voldy's ass dead before he could even enter the school. He was just lucky I wasn't there.

Anyhow Ginny, I'm heading back to my hometown in Malaysia soon. I need you to be with me. Just leave that stinking husband of yours and come with me. Ditch him!!! I know you want to. He's gonna be killed by the remaining Death Eater sooner or later.You can bring James, Albus and Lily with you. I'll raise and love them as if they were my own children. I'll wait for you at the King Cross station this Sunday noon. If Harry catch us at the station, I'll be well prepared with my gang to kick his ass. I'll kill him if I have to.

So that's it for now, if you need to talk to me regarding this plan, send and owl to tell me where to meet. I love you...


Lord Toyi


jangan marah tauu? he is a friend of mine who is dying in a boredom. he's in Balikpapan at this moment of talking. he's been there for already 3 months... i know how you feel toyi... alone and sangat boring kann? worry not laa... you'll be bringing a sports car when you get here... LOL!!~~

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