Friday, September 25, 2009


juz found out abt this minutes ago.. and i wud like to share it with u.. click here.. subhanallah.. kuasa Allah mampu buat ape saje pd makhluk2Nya.. =)


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Superfetation (also spelt superfoetation, based on a hypercorrection — see fetus) is the formation of a fetus while another egg is already present in the uterus. When there are two separate instances of fertilisation during the same cycle, rather than different cycles, it is known as superfecundation.

Superfetation is claimed to be common in some species of animals, but is extremely rare in humans. It can occur only where there are two uteri, or where the menstrual cycle continues through pregnancy.

In animals

Animals which have been claimed to be subject to superfetation include rodents (mice and rats), farm animals (horses and sheep), marsupials (kangaroos), and primates (humans). Superfetation has also been clearly demonstrated in poeciliid fish [1]

In humans

Reports of superfetation occurring long after the first impregnation have often been treated with suspicion and some have been clearly discredited. Other explanations have been given (and demonstrated) for different levels of development between twins. Artificially induced superfetation has, however, been demonstrated although only up to a short period after insemination.

In 2007, Ame and Lia Herrity, conceived 3 weeks apart, were born in the United Kingdom to Amelia Spence and George Herrity. [2] In May 2007, Harriet and Thomas Mullineux, also conceived 3 weeks apart, were born in Benfleet, Essex UK to Charlotte and Matt Mullineux, [3]

In 2009, Todd and Julia Grovenburg of Fort Smith, Arkansas received national media attention for Mrs. Grovenburg's conception of an additional child while already pregnant with a child conceived two and a half weeks earlier. If it were possible to carry both children to term, the birth of the first child would be expected in December 2009, whereas the second child would be due in January 2010. [4][5]


Flavia d'Angelo, an Italian woman claiming to have become pregnant with triplets three months after initially getting pregnant, caused global media interest in 2001. [6] However, it was later revealed to be a hoax. [7]


Superfetation is cited in the Talmud in the tractate Niddah, saying that a woman may use contraception during pregnancy to avoid the compression and destruction of her fetus by a possible second one.

mami's and bebi's progress..

lil munchkin:
i am so active.. keep pusing2 and kicking2 and menggeliat in mummy's belly.. hehe... sumtimes mummy feels se'eh (full) wen i did dat.. i eat a lot (duhh.. ofkos la thru mummy kan?) mummy ate KFC today.. but still lil munchkin wanting for more.. as a result? bace progress mummy nnt.. oh well.. i'm goin to reach my 30th weeks tumoro.. how time flies.. hmm.. mummy went to ibu ayong's hs today to meet my new friend, ainur maryam.. ibu gave me 3 pairs of rompers.. and today for the first time.. i met mami sherly.. hehe.. she's getting married in fortnight time..

well.. i'm goin to reach my 30th week 2moro.. and to my surprise today.. i cant stop smiling.. i took my shower juz now at about 1.30 am.. while i'm cleaning my nipples (this is to prevent nipple clogged).. the susu came out.. wahhhh!!! i'm starting to lactate oredi.. and i call en suami to show the first drop of the breast milk.. hehe.. he said OMG (kak su.. ckp dgn tone yg betul ye?) huhu.. lil munchkin is so so active today.. he's happy cuz i can pile sum kilos that i've lost during Ramadhan.. i eat like a pig nowadays.. during raya.. i cant stop eating rendang and lemang but still i feel hungry.. went to apap's hs (en suami's uncle).. his wife is a good cook.. they are managing a shop which sells lauk2.. anyhu.. acik julia (his wife) cooked ikan pari masak assam, ayam masak merah, bihun and mi sup for their open house.. i ate every single dish on the table and my tummy still have sum empty spaces to fill in.. huhu.. speaking of makan2.. after the main dish.. i ate biskut mazola and as a closing.. i ate strawberry dadih.. yumm2.. wen i got back to kuantan.. mama ordered roti jala from makcik ana and made chicken curry.. i ate like dozen of it.. finger lickin good!!! i really cant say no to those 2 dishes.. and today.. again i repeat it for my so-called breakfast.. for my dinner.. i ate KFC.. hehe.. still at this mpment of speaking.. i'm hungry.. so how??

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

hari buat kuih n muffin..

ye puan2.. bertemu lagi kite kali ini didalam rancangan mari membuat kuih bersame intan dan jet.. huhu... hari ini kite akan membuat butter muffin.. tanpa membuang mase.. ini adalah bahan2nye..

500 gm buttercake mix
4 biji telur gred A
250 gm butter

batter yg dh siap dibancuh.. mintak mahap la ye.. gamba proses2 membancuh ade kt pn intan..

masukkan dlm oven yg sudah dipanaskan bersuhu 180 degree celcius (btol ke aku eje ni?) hehe.. letak kt tengah2 oven tau? baru sekate masaknye..

ho yeahh... sudah naik itu muffin.. tp nih blm boleh amek lagi.. 20 mins je pembakaran mayat muffin tu..

ya puan2.. time's up!! dh naik dgn cantik muffin2 ni..

senangkan nk buat? membancuh pon tak lame.. membakar pon tak jugak lamenye.. huhu.. agak tinggi naiknye.. tp xpe.. puan2 boleh letakkan batter tu cume 1/4 drpd cup tu..

puan2 boleh men'topping'kan muffin nih dgn anythg u like.. mcm weolzz kann.. kitorang tpping kan ngan melted chocolate.. letak je choc ape2.. kalau rs Cadbury tuh MEMENINGKAN korang.. letak la Van Houten ke Hershey's ke.. ape2 la yg tak MEMENINGKAN korang bile makan..

tadaaaaaaaaaa... ini namenye muffin boobies bernipple merah.. wahahahah.. mintak mahap ye.. agak lucah sedikit.. sbb mase tu tgh lapar air sirap.. hehe.. oklah kawan2.. dh banyak aku membebel.. ENJOICE the pics..

p/s: sume bahan2 tu boleh dapat dr kedai Barang Kita.. kat mane? kt Jalan Besar opposite dgn Tjantek.. sebelah butik Zleqha.. owhh.. i-so-want the baju from dat boutique.. huhu..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

samb dr blog k.intan...

ini adalah kuih yg siap di conteng dgn chocolate..

ye puan2.. chocolate pon sudah sejuk.. mari kite isi ke dalam balang.. balang mestilah kedap udara.. (jgn peduli sebijik yg terendam chocolate tu.. accident)

ye puan2.. ini lah balang kuih yg telah diisi dgn kuih2 tadi.. untuk display sahaje..


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

the development of me..

hello aunties..

today i am 26 weeks and 6 days old.. mummy calls me munchkin.. it is not bcuz she loves munchkin in Dunkin Donuts.. huhu.. i am so active in mummy's belly.. pity her.. sumtimes she cudnt sleep at nyte due to my activeness.. i'm so like ayah kan mummy? today is the 15th day of Ramadhan.. mummy is still fasting.. n i am hungry.. pity mummy again.. but nevermind.. i still can hold the hunger because mummy said dat she will BF me exclusively.. if she wants to do that.. she has to eat a lot after i see the world so dat her boobies will have enough milk for me.. i want to be a healthy baby for mummy n ayah.. owh.. at this moment of writing.. ayah is not feeling well.. several days oredy.. poor ayah.. i hope he will have a speedy recovery.. =(

owh.. i havent told u aunties whether i'm a boy or girl rite? huhu.. later la i tell you.. right now i can hear mummy's belly growling.. be patience ok mummy? 4 more hours.. =) mummy loves to eat.. she cant stop eating.. huhu.. she eats whenever and whatever she wants.. but due to Ramadhan month, mummy's weight drops 1kg.. she got scolded by the nurse at the clinic.. she said that, "kalau berat awak turun lagi dlm ms 2 minggu ni.. saye tak kasi awak puase'.. isk isk isk..

while mummy is writing this for me.. suddenly i heard another voice.. mummy cakap ngan sape? owhh.. ngan aunty intan n abg haziq.. abg haziq dtg.. hehe.. he can coo oredi.. but i couldnt understand a word he says.. mebi one day i will.. abg haziq plz teach me ok? =)

mummy always talk to me every day everytime i move in her belly.. there are times when i wake her up from her deep slumber.. ayah talks to me also.. sometimes i respond but sometimes i dont..

oklahh.. nuff writing.. mummy wants to layan abg haziq.. aunty intan wants to send her to clinic later.. tootles aunties..

p/s: scroll down if u wana know my gender.. =)