Sunday, February 28, 2010

early anniversary gift..

en suami decided to surprise me with an early gift for our anniversary.. weehoo.. thanks a zillion bibi.. i wev u mucho!!!

i tot it wuz a perfume.. the packaging is somehow very simple but yet it's exclusive..

cantik kan box die?
tadaaaaa... me get a watch from en suami... thank u very much bibi.. 

p/s: en suami.. nnt i kasik adiah baekkkkkkk punyaaaa yer??? u'll just have to wait.. =)

Monday, February 22, 2010


name bdk tecit ni nur hanis zahra.. daughter of zareen and nazli..lame btol mama ngan papa die tggu die and macam2 complications the mother went thru.. finally.. smalam kul 1150pm.. kuarla die.. after almost a day pny perjuangan.. so lil girl.. aunty zetti, uncle shef and abg adam cant wait to see u.. cpt2 balik kuantan tau?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

adam hit his 2 month..

sorry.. entry nih terlambat.. hehe.. lil adam dh reach his 2 month old..

- he gets grumpy wen he couldnt get his slumber n mommy's milk..
- tido yg sgt lasak..
- berak sometimes sekali sehari or max twice..
- susu mommy dh tak cukup nk cater nafsu makan die..
- n he weighs 6.2kg.. adelah sgt berat bdk tecik nihh..
- starts wearing CD oredi.. tp die heavy wetter.. kejap je dh BERAT..
- sgt xsuke tdo dlm playpen.. tp kalau dlm baby cot.. die suke..

hello.. adam br lps mandi.. =)

in his spongebob CD..

the 2 S's

remember the old post of mine stated that i cant wait for the 2 S's? hofkos aku tak bli kete jaguar S type nor rumah semi-D.. takkan nk kecoh satu kampung aku nk bli umah kot? isk isk isk.. aku takkan pukul canang camtuh nyer.. anyway.. back to the 2 S's.. heheh... the first S is Spectra.. it is an investment sbb it didnt come wit a small price tag.. i bought it at Little Whiz.. it cost me rm588.. but look what i got.. 1 cooler bag, 1 backpack (utk letak pump tu), 8 safety plus storage bottles, ice pack and xtra breast shield..alhamdulillah.. it works efficiently til this moment of writing.. sgt pantas dan efisyen la org kate.. seriously.. sape2 yg nk beli.. silekan.. mmg recommended sgt2.. nak2 kak yam, kak lin and kak pah..

my Spectra

the second S is Snugg from Snuggbaby.. thanks to my friend yg sgtlaaaaaaaa berbaik hati utk menghadiahkan Snugg ni utk aku.. it comes with a hefty price tag occay???? alhamdulillah.. rezeki Adam.. he loves to be snugged in the Snugg.. gamba yg aku amek tak clear mane.. nnt will upload more pics with my snugg later..

side view..

 front view

adam in Snugg

no.. THANK YOU kak liza.. !!!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Couple held over the sodomy and death of their baby

PETALING JAYA: Police have arrested a man and his teenage wife in connection with the sodomy and murder of their infant son in Sungai Buloh.

The couple, aged 33 and 19 years, were picked up at a Muslim cemetery on Monday, during the funeral of the five-month-old child. They have been remanded until Feb 12.

Initial police investigations have revealed that the infant was physically abused and sodomised before his death.

Petaling Jaya police chief ACP Arjunaidi Mohamed said on Saturday that the mother had lodged a report at the police beat base of the Sungai Buloh Hospital over the death of their only child on Monday.

He said that on Jan 31, the couple had sent the infant to the hospital, claiming he was unwell.

“According to the mother, the baby was still breathing when they arrived at the hospital but doctors who examined him declared the infant dead on arrival.

“Following a post-mortem, it was found that the infant had sustained bruises on the body and was sodomised,” Arjunaidi told reporters when met at a Face-To-Face Community Policing and High-Profile Policing event in Subang Perdana here. – Bernama


adalah sangat BINATANG DAN BANGSAT ini worang.. nape nk kne liwat baby umo 5bln? these sicko ppl mmg sickening.. ngape nk kne liwat bdk kecik? ramai lg pempuan yg gatal2 dan sanggup menyerah diri.. ngape nk kne bdk kecik tu gak? seriously i dun understand wit these sickos.. bdk kecik yg kau selera.. yg tade pape.. tade tetek.. tak period.. bongok betol la derang2 ni.. haishhh.. binatang pon tak sekejam kau.. ni setan pny kije.. yg aku peliknye.. mak si baby tu pon same bersekongkol.. 'i tak main bontot la bang.. ape kate abg try kt anak kte.. ala.. die bkn tau ape2 pon..' itu gamaknye skrip si gile 2 eko tu ckp.. mendidih darah aku bile aku dgr bdk 5bln kne liwat.. aku rase mmg dh tande nk kiamat sgt dh dunie nih..

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Beauty Coupons

i'm selling these coupons on behalf on my friends.. plz leave comments for more infos..