Tuesday, November 16, 2010


oh.. i didnt know that we cud rent toys from a website.. there are many toys that you can rent such as Jumperoo, Exersaucer, Baby Einstein DVD and many more.. all u have to do is bank in the deposit (if any), then u can choose what toy to rent.. the price there is for 1-month rental.. best kan? here is the address to the website.. isn't life wonderful?

these are some toys that u can rent..

 Fisher Price Booster Set

Bounce n
Spin Froggy

 Fisher Price Jumperoo

 Baby Einstein DVD


Adam is almost a year now..

hey readers,
it has been awhile since i last updated my blog.. the lazy mode again attacked the inner me.. been hectic with a whole lotta things.. ISO, 5S (we add another S to that.. Sorok), taking care of Adam yg semakin lasak (I think what he want is for his mummy to be a lil bit slimmer.. enough to kejar him without being so semput and mengah).. well.. Adam can walk already.. got his kaki at the age of 9 and half month.. pretty fast for a baby i guess.. well everybody said so.. hehe.. at that age, he can sipped his drink using straw.. and jalan jatuh like so many times oredi... and then at 10 month.. he can almost lari2 when we kejar him.. his mulut is as becok as his mummy.. loves cat so much.. he will baring2 next to Tomei or Nunin as if he is talking to the cats.. he likes to kemas his wan's dapo.. bukak drawer bawak kuar plastic and then pegi kt laundry area duno what to search.. go back to the kitchen bukak almari tarik mug.. and then off to living room nak naik tangga without anybody to guide him.. satu umah wan die nak pusing.. diz video was taken after raye wen he got the kaki to jalan2..

at 11 month, mulut semakin becok.. dunno what he's mumbling at.. letak dalam Jumperoo then he will cry suruh angkat.. nowadays, mummy suke letak die dalam high chair and tgk mummy masak.. he knows and understand a few words already like nen, mummy, ayah, wan, to'ki, paksu, pakteh, pakngah, mak, ball, lorry, cat, car, no, ladybird (fridge magnet), sleep, sit down, stand up, mandi, shishi, shoes, bear, azan and wake up. boy! he is growin up already.. kalau ikut Islamic calendar.. tomorrow 10 Zulhijjah he will be 1.. huhu.. it seems like only yesterday i gave birth to him.. how time flies nowadays kan? well.. below are some pics taken from day 1 until he is 11 month.. enjoy the pics..

1 hour

day 1

1 month old

2 month old

3 month old

4 month old

5 month old

6 month old

7 month old

8 month old

9 month old

10 month old

11 month