Friday, February 8, 2008

shoes anyone?

THIS BLOG inspire me somehow. who doesn't like shoes? every single person on earth love buying shoes. branded or not, well it's up to the individual.

i loike shoes mucho. my dad nags all the time about me buying shoes. my biggest sin? LOL!! i bought this one particular shoes i think back then in 2002. it was on sale. i bought it for rm19.90 n it is NOSE. it was like the illustration but it's pointed and it has heels. i wore it casually. when my dad look at my shoes, he was like "WTF?!"( it's just a figure of speech).. ever since that, my dad kept on mengungkit about that shoes. huhu. the shoes gone oredi. koyak! boo-hoo. as for now, all i have is only a few pairs of shoes. i want to buy really. but i have to stop myself from doing it. have to control the nafsu. LOL!!~~

well, as the tech keeps on revolving, i spot so many shoes from the web. from glam to slam. funny on how people can create those kind of wacky shoes those and these days. so here goes my hall of shame (i think these shoes are funny)..

Irregular Choice Shimmy Pom Pom Slingback...(name pon lawak)

A Ghesquiere's sneaker-inspired stiletto heels - Betts Balenciaga Shoes... (Woot!!!)

Well.. how do you explain this delicately? sanggupkah anda memakai kasut ini? i think i wanna give a name to this 'creation'... Ladies and Gentlemen... May I present you.. a new creation from God-knows-who...C.A.G.U. huhuhu.... Busukk!!!

nahh... hamekk sejibikk... well... according to the net.. this innovation is named 'Massai Barefoot Tech'... made of mineral water bottle and remnants of cloth.. ok2... say no more... i'm not insulting the race.. we have to understand their situation... takkan nak pakai LV kt tpt2 cam2 kott?

sape kot nak pakai kasut camni... Sky Scrapers Shoes... Sesswaii utk naik ke langit to meet 'Ayah Pin'... surprisingly... it is sold at USD350.. equals to.. I dont know... u do the maths...LOL!!

nih satu lagi... goes by the name Alakiss... do you noticed who wear this kind of shoes? Jenna Jameson and the gang... my friend and i used to call it Platform 4 Whore.. cuz it is too tinggi... no need to use tangge to panjat... and it seems 'OBSCENE' to me... LOL!!

+ ___________________________________________________________ +

ok2.. we'll move to next hall... sangat loike!!!

Baby Phat Fortuna Mary Janes by Kimora 'Divalicious' Lee...

Charles David Boot... =)

Christian Louboutin Red Eventa Mary Janes.. sold at USD645...

isk isk isk... the very the beautiful... Dolce & Gabbana Golden Peeptoe Pump...

3-inch heeled Leopard-print, chain-heeled Louis Vuitton shoes. haa.... mendapat name die... =) sangat sesuai for LBD. this shoes figuratively say, "I'm the keeper, forget your boyfriend"... (thanks to Kristopher Dukes). sold at $1,570.. nangis2 air mate darah... *Drool*

Prada shoes with flower heel.. the heel is sangat chumell... *drool*...

Gold brocade Roberto Cavalli Boots... i think it is suitable when you wear with trench coat... =)

Oh-What-A-Long-Name-Shoes... Rocket Dog Glam Rock... *pheww*... comes in 2 colors. black and tribal brown. sells at USD64.95... punky look but yet cute...=)

this rainbow-colored shoes from Betsey Johnson will really make our day. it is just like its colors. Rainbowy (got such word meh? *scratch2*).. thanks to Mr Manolo from

and finally... the very the chumell kasut or shall i say sneakers... jap2... haa... dah jumpe...

White Rhinestones Glam Sneaks. Little Shoes yang sangat CUTE. eeeeiiii.... cubit die!!!

a female cow with defining eyelashes and rainbow nipples is wearing red shoes... eh? cow can see color mehh?

So... that's the entry for today.. when it comes to shoes. women will go goo2 gaga over it. Hell Yeahh!! pheww... my eyes will go blind looking at the shoes... so... anybody can buy me a pair of Choo's? huhuhu...LOL!!!

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