Sunday, May 18, 2008

cerita pada satu weekend yg panjang...

went to s.alam.. meet my baby.. windu.. 4 hari yg sgt best.. i got my Altec Lansing n he got his Razer Mako.. Yeay!!!

++ yg 3bende mcm ufo tuh name die The Razer Mako™ 2.1 ++
++ yg atas table n bwh table 2 name die Altec Lansing ++

mkn kat Wendy's... Yummy! one full tummy for jetto...


the day i went out wit my baby.. i saw one used rubber in front of his house... definitely not ours.. like duhh!!! we are still virgins occay? dem!! dh abes main... buang la leklok.. tarak akai punye org... dat wuz my first time tgk used rubber... huhu... horror!!

i tot i want to spend my weekend with no attachment to college.. on friday i went to uitm s.alam to watch futsal n badminton.. sadly, my colleague told me that he has to construct 6 sets of question papers.. n sebagai seorg kwn yg baik ati.. i hv 2 help him... sbb last sem, it wuz the paper dat i constructed yg kuar 4 final xm... huhu... DEM!! work some more...

so folks... there goes my weekends... *sigh*


kamil said...


kamil said...

i had a nice weekend with you..

wish we could do it more often..

muah muah!

i love you~