Friday, August 22, 2008


yepp.. finally.. it start off well and it ends well... yes i'm sad... it's big bullshit if i said i'm fine.. i tak sedih.. i'm not fine really.. but i'll try 2b one...some things are not meant to be together forever... 5 years of ups n down taught me zillions of lessons.. we went hi n lo 2gether kan? well... i cherish evrythg u've taught me.. thank u for turning me into one strong girl... but this girl sumtimes cry a lot u no... huhu... u no how i alwiz 'cembeng2' kan? =D

you... i never want to hate u... i've tried to but i cant... i guess u've sumhow have casted a spell on me... huhu.. we still friends kan? like we used to before.. yess.. memories come and go and sumtimes it hurts inside.. but without all that how can i be like diz kan? i'm juz thankful for the good times we've had.. cuz without them... i could not go on..

ive asked him to move on overzealously... i want him to be happy.. even without me as his 'baby' anymore... heyy… dun forget to introduce ur nu gf to me tau? I wish u all the best in ur life.. I wont pray for bad things to happen to u..

p/s: i wanted to write more.. but my mind stops thinking oredi.. =

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