Thursday, February 18, 2010

the 2 S's

remember the old post of mine stated that i cant wait for the 2 S's? hofkos aku tak bli kete jaguar S type nor rumah semi-D.. takkan nk kecoh satu kampung aku nk bli umah kot? isk isk isk.. aku takkan pukul canang camtuh nyer.. anyway.. back to the 2 S's.. heheh... the first S is Spectra.. it is an investment sbb it didnt come wit a small price tag.. i bought it at Little Whiz.. it cost me rm588.. but look what i got.. 1 cooler bag, 1 backpack (utk letak pump tu), 8 safety plus storage bottles, ice pack and xtra breast shield..alhamdulillah.. it works efficiently til this moment of writing.. sgt pantas dan efisyen la org kate.. seriously.. sape2 yg nk beli.. silekan.. mmg recommended sgt2.. nak2 kak yam, kak lin and kak pah..

my Spectra

the second S is Snugg from Snuggbaby.. thanks to my friend yg sgtlaaaaaaaa berbaik hati utk menghadiahkan Snugg ni utk aku.. it comes with a hefty price tag occay???? alhamdulillah.. rezeki Adam.. he loves to be snugged in the Snugg.. gamba yg aku amek tak clear mane.. nnt will upload more pics with my snugg later..

side view..

 front view

adam in Snugg

no.. THANK YOU kak liza.. !!!



welcome to spectra 2 club..

Mycerra said...

cutenye lil adam ... nomei2 ye that day masa try adam cam nmpk kecik sgt duk dlm dh suits kan, i saw a chinese guy bw baby dia dlm snugg smlm , lebih kurang umur ash