Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tag from pika..

credit to si comel pika for this wonderful award. thanks sis..

Pass this award to bloggers you've recently discovered and think are fantastic!
En suami
Mommy Qastalani
Mama Ekha

Contact them and let them know they've won the award.

State 7 things about yourself.

- Adam's and Shafeirul's
- Loves choc too much.. n dat explain my current weight..
- Talkative.. Adam has inherited it from me..
- Loves her husband and his smell and his BIG hands so fuckin much..
- suke tgk AFC channel.. tp tang memasaknye agak malas sket...
- suke berjalan.. even in my 36 weeks of pregnancy, aku boleh tawaf satu IKEA n half of IKANO in 1 day..
- enjoy her motherhood and married life so much..

the most precious treasures in my life..


Anonymous said...

awww tq for the award!!!

ekha-bella said...

maceh.. :)