Tuesday, August 3, 2010

an outdated post..

blog lame tak jenguk.. huhu.. been hectic lately.. en suami was admitted to the hospital on 30/6.. he suffered from hernia due to VIGOROUS hockey-training session at USM on previous week.. so i have to take care of him and my little hero..the following week, Adam plak kne chicken pox.. 2-3 hari lps en suami discharged.. so 2 hero la heroin nih kne jage.. minggu adam kne chicken pox tu.. kitorg kne siapkan teaching portfolio for MQA Audit.. the following week, they came for auditing.. both for homegrown and UiTM.. and for both session aku kne interview dgn encik2 dan puan2 MQA.. luckily, i did well in those interviews walaupon hati ini cuak sbb i heard lotsa unpleasant stories abt them.. ehe... okay lahh.. will update more soon..

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