Tuesday, November 16, 2010


oh.. i didnt know that we cud rent toys from a website.. there are many toys that you can rent such as Jumperoo, Exersaucer, Baby Einstein DVD and many more.. all u have to do is bank in the deposit (if any), then u can choose what toy to rent.. the price there is for 1-month rental.. best kan? here is the address to the website.. isn't life wonderful?

these are some toys that u can rent..

 Fisher Price Booster Set

Bounce n
Spin Froggy

 Fisher Price Jumperoo

 Baby Einstein DVD



hana_lalalala said...

Kalau rosak mcm mane? Hehhehe

miss_cyndi said...

Haloooooo....hai zetti..nak cari lagi permainan kanak2??..hurmzzz go to my blog n lihat iklan yang menarik..n nak cantik bersinar selepas bersalin..baca tips dekat blog i yeeee..hope dpt mmbantu u..

karipapsayur said...

mak aih! best nya!

sUYA said...

cool! tp btol gak hana ckp tu. kalo rosak cane mummy?

schmellow said...

cool post. thank you for sharing :)

karipapsayur said...

lama sungguh dia x hapdate blog!

You are invited! Jemput datang ke Qaiser's second bday party!

Please come with ur family =)