Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 2 - Your favorite movie

hurm.. my favourite movie? lots of it too.. some of them are..

kalau br lps putus cinte.. aku rase takyah la tgk cte nih.. nnt jd cam aku.. wawawa.. mesti aku kne gelak ngan en suami lps die bace entry ni.. kan bibi? but this film is superb.. my 2nd time jatuh cinte ngan Gerard Butler after 300.. the film touches your heart deep you know.. pegi la cr movie nih.. aku rase macam nk repeat tgk cte nih ngan en suami.. buleh nangis same2 kan?? eheh..

second movie dat i loike is..

saye suke shane west dlm cte nih.. knape die sgt sexy?? oh dem!!!!


hana_lalalala said...

Love both of the movie too

l i e y n said...

i love "P.S I love you" too...i also love "the notebook" and "time traveler's wife"