Monday, December 5, 2011

which one to choose..

yesterday,my husband and i were discussing about choosing the best in our lives.. it was all started wen he read one of his friend's status in FB.. then we talked about it.. it's all about making decision which is the best for us.. i still remember about him choosing between UMT and UMP.. it's really hard for him as this uni offered him with a good pay and the other one not.. too many things that we have to choose in our lives.. to get married or to still enjoy the best of life, to eat or not to eat, to stay or not to stay, to buy or not to buy and many more..i told him, when i decided to get married to him, it is really hard to make that decision.. because in that situation, i have to choose between a friend (x-boyfriend) that i have known for 7 years and him(my husband) who i know nothing about.. it's a risk i told him..

after i broke up with my xbf, i felt deeply devastated to know that my relationship with him has ended.. it's a big lie kalau ckp kte tak frust.. my husband knows all the story.. he was with me.. and my relationship with my husband that time was a rebound actually.. tempat utk melepaskan rase sunyi and marah.. sbb aku rase aku nk time off sbb asyik bergaduh over the same thing.. tapi suddenly aku terpikir, sampai bile aku nk mcm ni.. i told my mom about it.. i did my solat istikharah.. and refuse to get in touch with both of them.. it was hard really, but i have to.. after a few days, God has decided that my husband is the one for me.. at first, i denied His decision.. i called my x bf, telling him the decision..i told him baik buruk yg mendatang, biar aku telan.. sbb ni keputusan yg aku buat.. i have to say goodbye to our 5 years relationship eventho that's the hardest thing to do in my life.. yes, ppl might say i'm crazy and tade hati perut to let the relationship ended.. but what to do.. i am tired already.. fought over the same thing.. makan hati over the same thing.. that was a history to be kept la kan? the next day i told my husband about that decision and ask him to meet my parents.. and the story goes sampai la skang..

i'm writing this bkn nk bkk luka lame tp just to share that Allah has promised something in the future.. aku slalu mengingatkan diri aku yg sgale yg berlaku ada hikmah.. yes its hard to choose especially when the other person is that someone yg u knal for a shorter time compared to the other one..  i hope that my x-bf is happy with his life now.. at least, kalau die ade gf, she wont suffer the thing yg i telan.. insya Allah.. and i always tell my husband to doakan yg terbaik utk his ex-tunang.. walaupon both of them tade jodoh.. Allah dh tentukan jodoh kite dgn siape and sampai bile.. Allah dh tulis everything for our lives.. kite cuma perlu berusaha.. my life now is alhamdulillah.. dikurniakan seorg putera yg jadi penawar and racun in our lives.. utk esk? i'll strive for the best for my life.. insya Allah..

 credit to My Attitude - My Life - My Rules

"Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead" - Adele

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hana_lalalala said...

There's always a reason and ull b happy in the end