Monday, January 9, 2012

Pea in The Pod..

yepp.. u read that right.. Adam is on his way becoming a big brother.. alhamdulillah.. i am 6 weeks pregnant.. it was unexpected as i have just stopped eating pills.. like 2-3 days before i went to Bandung.. then i was on menstrual on my 2nd day at Bandung.. biase la hormon jd huru hare after xmkn.. i was thinking, xkan lekat ni sbb my gynae said dat i have retroverted uterus..

here's an excerpt from

There can be some retroverted and anteverted uterus pregnancy issues that might arise in the long run and we would be discussing some of them here. Before we get started with the details of the pregnancy issues associated with anteverted uterus, you need to understand the meaning of the different uterus orientations that are important here. The first type of orientation is known as the anteverted uterus, a condition which is considered to be more common than the retroverted uterus. The anteverted uterus is all about the inclination of the uterus towards the abdomen of the body. This is a common condition and not many problems have been associated with it. On the other hand, you have the retroverted uterus, which can have some sort of underlying causes. The retroverted uterus is a bit more complex than the anteverted uterus and can lead to some issues during pregnancy.

Impact on Pregnancy

The anteverted uterus is quite common and in most cases, there is almost no impact on the pregnancy. You would find that the condition of anteverted uterus does not create any sort of problems and does not impact fertility in any way. Generally, women with anteverted uterus do not have to undertake any sort of special treatment and their condition is considered to be totally normal. On the other hand, the retroverted uterus can create problems for some women, depending on the extent of the orientation that is present. Even then, most of the pregnancy related complications are linked with the underlying cause behind the retroverted uterus. These problems, like endometriosis, can impact the fertility of the woman and create problems in conceiving. Therefore, it is important that you get a complete early pregnancy or pre pregnancy test done to ensure that your uterus is in a perfect condition.
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so mine was the green one.. tak la teruk.. as i was saying.. bile dh doc mcm tu, aku mcm ok.. boleh rest dulu sbb kes tu buat payah dpt anak.. i was fine with it.. dh test dh mase adam cukup setahun.. gatal kan? aku stop mkn pill 3-4 bulan.. nothing happen la mase tu.. so, both of us ckp, lps blk Bandung we want to pegi berurut and conceive for a second baby.. i ask for a second opinion from one of the docs.. she said my uterus has somehow sudah beralih.. tp kalau nk g berurut pon xpe.. so i guess, boleh la conceive nxt year bln 1 sbb nk baby due october.. hehe.. tp tak sangke lekat dgn cpat.. Alhamdulillah..

i did the pregnancy tests twice.. first test tu The Line in the window tu mcm agak samar.. sbb aku wat kul 11pm.. hehe.. when i went out from the bathroom, i smiled to my husband.. die pny statement, "period la tu?" then i showed the cassette to him.. die mcm antara nk senyum n tak.. i said jgn over excited sgt.. then on Monday after Xmas tu, i checked it for the second time.. this time the both lines menyale2.. hehe..

the first cassette was taken on 24th December and the second one was on 26th December.. =) so far, i have no morning sickness (yet).. selera makan pon masih ok.. i eat a little at a time tapi mkn dgn kerap.. mcm 2hrs skali mesti rase lapa walaupun makan nasi lemak n telur mate n teh ais for breakfast.. haha.. lain mcm selera for my second pregnancy ni.. i hope, morning sickness tak la seteruk mase Adam dulu and i hope for a girl pulak diz time.. Insya Allah..


Anonymous said...

congrats jet!!!

sUYA said...

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! dragon year baby!!!

nqr said...

tahniah! adam nak jadi abang.. :)