Wednesday, April 18, 2012

no work to do..

dear readers,

i'm in my 20th week of pregnancy.. can feel munckin movement already.. geli2 sbb tak kuat sangat die bergerak.. blm lagi kickboxing kt dlm tu.. and at the moment of writing, cant tell whether it's goin to be pink or blue.. munchkin didnt want to show.. huhu.. this time around, blm lg banyak membeli baju baru.. baju Adam banyak lg yg elok and if munchkin turn to be 'pink'.. she also can wear her brother's baju.. hoping for a pink this time.. tapi kalau blue.. Alhamdulillah.. ramai la bodyguard mummy nanti..

well.. for big brother Adam.. sometimes he responds if i asked him what is this (showing my tummy).. adik sheep (read: adik sleep).. time mood die baik.. die ckp la ngan adik die.. kalau time mood tak baik.. diam je.. eheh..

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Anonymous said...

baby tak nak tunjuk la mummy. dia malu