Thursday, November 7, 2013

It has been a year already..

Ya Allah.. dh setahun lebih blog ni tak berjengah.. too many things to do yet too little time i have.. there are plenty of things i want to write.. my life, my work, my feelings..

i should write more often.. there are things that are not supposed to be talked but to be written down.. to me, i'm more comfortable that way.. i have this habit of memendam.. i dont know y.. i know it's not good emotionally, physically and mentally.. but i cant help it..


well..after a year, i shud sum up things that happen in my life..

1) i gave birth to a pink munchkin last year on 22nd August 2012.. (will update more on that delivery story)
2) this year marked my 6th year working in KPTM..
3) KPTM Kuantan managed to achieve its target of getting more students.. Alhamdulillah..
4) i am 30 diz year.. hehe.. old already.. hihi..

that's about it.. boring kan?

1 comment:

aniszcenna said...

yeayy! barulah ada bahan bacaan haha... tp bakpe x auto update kat blog list ai nieh? yg intan nyer ok je