Monday, January 19, 2009

pre honeymoon...

wahaha.. i must have caught ur attention kann? it wuz not our pre honeymoon.. yesterday, Encik tunang, Mz Ilyani and i went to Benum Hill for college's marketing... we departed at 6.45am... arrived at 1015.. 1hr and 15mins behind the schedule... after the talk2 and goodies giveaways.. the three of us cam-whoring kat tasik2 di situ.. wahahahaha... pastu kitorg balik.. ondeway balik.. being me.. aku tersengguk2 tido.. shian en tunang kne bwk kete... huhu..

dh sampai ktn.. en tunang n i sent mis Ilyani to her house bcuz she is so damn tired.. we went to the card shop to approve the card layout.. and then they can proceed to print2 the cards.. huhu... after dat.. we went to EC mall for our escapades.. Done! En tunang bought a trolley bag for our escapade.. wahahahaha.. besarnye beg tu.. aku pon boleh masuk dan dok diam2 dlm tu... huhu... besh2.. again... checklist for moi wedding..

1) Card - checked!
2) Escapade - Checked and Paid!
3) Surprises (aku stress disitu PLURAL ye uolz) - Checked and Paid!
4) Hantaran 4 Groom - checked!
5) Door gifts - in process
6) Bunga Pahar - in process

pinjam baby nih satttttt.....

cam whoring bersame Ms Ilyani di Benum Hill...

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Anonymous said...

the escapade sounds exciting. honeymoon right? u guys nak pergi mane??? have fun!!!!!!