Monday, January 12, 2009

tagged by k.pah yg santekk...

The rules: Link to your tagger and post these rules. List 8 random facts about yourself and tag 8 people.


1. Encik Tunang
2. Puan Hasni Suhana
3. Cik Ezatul Suriana
4. Cik Nisa Asilah
5. Cik Zarinatun Ilyani
6. puan Intan Noorazlina
7. Puan Nazdatun Asmah
8. Puan Tuan Zarekha


1. suke makan timun yg dipotong nipis2.. kalau tebal.. aku rs hanyir...
2. i'm addicted to bau sabun.. ape2 sabun... kalau kt opis ni.. aku suke main sabun kt toilet dpn.. sbb bau die sdap..
3. aku suke melekat kat encik tunang.. sbb bau die shedappppppp... pastu.. aku suke tangan encik tunang... sbb die besar... beshhh....
4. dlm kelas aku suke menyindir stdnts.. tahan je la telinge tu...
5. i'm addicted to coffee..
6. aku suke perfumes... kerrrrrazyyyyyy abt it...
7. i'm a spoil brat since day 1 i was born..
8. i'm getting married to mohd shafeirul zaman in less than 50 days... =)


First name:
Zetti Adela bt Zolkepli

Name you wish you had:

What do people normally your name as:


Seremban N.Sembilan

Time of birth:
5.32 pm (sbb tu degil)

Single or taken:

Zodiac sign:


How tall are you:
152 cm kot ...

Wish you were taller:
hofkos and a lil bit slimmer on the waist....

Eye color :

Current hair color:

Short or long hair:
short hair.. got my haircut last few weeks..

Ever dye your hair a bizarre color:
Nope.. penah nk try.. tp tak jadi... tot of coloring it to purple with pink streaks.. ngeh ngeh ngeh..

Last time you did something dramatic with you hair:

Glasses or contacts:

Do you wear make up:
yes.. lipstick, gloss and eyeliner...

Paint your nails:
once ms blaja.. red painted nails.. arrrrr....

Shy or outgoing:
shy sumtimes... but galoks and gediks all the time (wahahaha....)

Sexy or cute:
both laa... hehe...

Serious or fun:
it depends on what situation i'm in..

A turn on :
hmm... ngape sgt obscene soklan ni? tny encik tunang laa... what turn me on...

A turn off:
a show off person.. FUCKIN hate it... mcm beruk dpt bunge... ehh.. btol ke peribahasa tu?


Flowers or chocolates:
depends.. usually chocolates will cheer up my day..

Pepsi or coke:

Rap or rock:

Relationship or one night stand:
hofkos relationship..

School or work:
sumtimes school sbb abah bg duit slalu.. sumtimes work.. sbb bley bli anythg i want..

Love or money:
both.. sbb tade duit mane bley berchente.. no money no talk..

Movie or music:

Country or city:

Sunny or rainy days:
sunny if its laundry day.. rainy days if its snuglee day...

Friends or family:
Family comes first..


Ever lied:Yepp... beautiful lies... well... who doesnt... =)

Stole something:yupp... encik tunang's heart..


Hurt someone close to you: always kan shayang? bdk bulat yg slalu kene cubit..

Broke someone’s heart: who doesnt?

Wonder what was wrong with you:Yes.. sumtimes.. ngape degil sangat...

Wish you were prince or princess:Princess with big castles and many many many diamonds..

Like someone who was taken:used to.. but he's mine oredi...

Shaved your head: wahaha... hofkos la no nonoks...

Used chopstick: tak reti...

Sang in the mirror to yourself: always.. dlm bathroom...


Flower: roses, and gerbera

Candy: candy cane...

Song: banyak sangat.. all time fav are scorpions and always by bon jovi...

Color: pink, purple, off white, jet black, grey..

Movie: comedy and romance..

Singer: wit a unique voice like kokokaina and yuna... tp yuna dh mainstream.. so dh lain sket suare...

Junk food:potato chips..

Website: my crappish laa...


Animal :Cat and puppy and chihuahua...

Ever cried over someone:Yes..

Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself: to be less degil..

Do you think you’re attractive: mestilaa.. mak ade 'ass'ets yg sgt penting yuolz...

If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose:sleeping beauty... i fuckin like to sleep... LOL!!

Do you play any sports: nope..


sUYA said...

dem u tag aku. cis

norazah aziz said...

b'day miss same ngan saya la.. tp sy 4.10.1988.. hi..hi..

celotehcomel said...

huhu...kak jet ...
x sempat2 lagi comel nak bayar hutang tag ni.....