Friday, September 25, 2009

mami's and bebi's progress..

lil munchkin:
i am so active.. keep pusing2 and kicking2 and menggeliat in mummy's belly.. hehe... sumtimes mummy feels se'eh (full) wen i did dat.. i eat a lot (duhh.. ofkos la thru mummy kan?) mummy ate KFC today.. but still lil munchkin wanting for more.. as a result? bace progress mummy nnt.. oh well.. i'm goin to reach my 30th weeks tumoro.. how time flies.. hmm.. mummy went to ibu ayong's hs today to meet my new friend, ainur maryam.. ibu gave me 3 pairs of rompers.. and today for the first time.. i met mami sherly.. hehe.. she's getting married in fortnight time..

well.. i'm goin to reach my 30th week 2moro.. and to my surprise today.. i cant stop smiling.. i took my shower juz now at about 1.30 am.. while i'm cleaning my nipples (this is to prevent nipple clogged).. the susu came out.. wahhhh!!! i'm starting to lactate oredi.. and i call en suami to show the first drop of the breast milk.. hehe.. he said OMG (kak su.. ckp dgn tone yg betul ye?) huhu.. lil munchkin is so so active today.. he's happy cuz i can pile sum kilos that i've lost during Ramadhan.. i eat like a pig nowadays.. during raya.. i cant stop eating rendang and lemang but still i feel hungry.. went to apap's hs (en suami's uncle).. his wife is a good cook.. they are managing a shop which sells lauk2.. anyhu.. acik julia (his wife) cooked ikan pari masak assam, ayam masak merah, bihun and mi sup for their open house.. i ate every single dish on the table and my tummy still have sum empty spaces to fill in.. huhu.. speaking of makan2.. after the main dish.. i ate biskut mazola and as a closing.. i ate strawberry dadih.. yumm2.. wen i got back to kuantan.. mama ordered roti jala from makcik ana and made chicken curry.. i ate like dozen of it.. finger lickin good!!! i really cant say no to those 2 dishes.. and today.. again i repeat it for my so-called breakfast.. for my dinner.. i ate KFC.. hehe.. still at this mpment of speaking.. i'm hungry.. so how??

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