Thursday, March 10, 2011

spider webbed entry..


why did i start my entry with that word? i am so fuckin lazy to update my blog.. like super lazy!! been reading a lot of stuff lately.. blogs, magazines, gossip column(don't u juz love to be bzbody? hehe), FB, and many2 more.. i feel like so tepu to even update my blog.. one of my dear reader Mommy Qast even leave a comment in my blog saying that i havent been updating for quite ages.. very true.. i have a lot of drafts that havent been published.. i even havent written my anniversary entry yet.. sorry bibi...

so what now? Ipad 2 is coming soon.. 25th March i guess.. my husband and i are dying to have 1 (doesnt matter the ol Ipad or Ipad 2).. well, he actually is in the process of doing a research in implementing Ipad in language classroom.. insya Allah.. so dat's why he is eyeing for it.. aku cume menumpang nengok je.. wehehe.. being an Apple user (iPod video 4th gen) for quite a while.. bley la aku menolong die to get all the info he needs.. insya Allah.. so iPad 2 is thinner and lighter and faster too.. but we'll juz have to wait for the price.. our dearly Tan Sri Steve Job who is so kurus wen he reveal this gadget has been diagnosed with terminal Pancreatic cancer.. "The new photos show him looking painfully frail and weak, with his jeans and dark top hanging loosely on his six-feet-two-inches, frail body, the Daily Mail reported. The pictures were not yet available online, but Jobs's weight is said to have dropped from a pre-cancer 175 pounds to 130 pounds now, according to the National Enquirer".

right now at the moment of speaking, both of us are trying to add a member in our family.. tetibe rase nk ade baby girl.. i've stopped taking Pills.. stop all the birth control methods.. hehe.. wen we asked Adam whether he wants a baby sister or not, he will juz nod.. (mane die paham kan? hehe) i miss all that kicking and moving in my belly.. i miss asking McD bubur 2 in the morning.. well i hope en suami will tahan wit my perangai diz time.. insya Allah.. kalau jadi.. i'll announce the good news.. =)

well i guess.. that's all for my spider webbed entry.. hehe..


sUYA said...

Gile lama baru update! Puas tunggu! Haha..
Anyway, yeayyy another one coming insyaAllah!
Im soo happy for you!!!

Oh jet dearie, i miss you lotssss!


Anonymous said...

insyaAllah dapat baby girl. i pun nak!@ hehehe

Beautiful^Devil said...

suya comey: me mish u more laaa.. eheh.. insya Allah.. will announce the gud news if jadi.. =)

Hana: cpt2 kawen.. nnt boleh dpt baby girl.. hehe..